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Meet your data protection and privacy compliance obligations for around the same price of 1 hairdressers’ appointment for a cut, colour and blow dry. $440 special price for Cosboa members – usually $1295.
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Attention all Australian business owners!
Question: What’s the most important thing you need to do to protect the data you handle and manage your privacy compliance obligations?

Answer: Use GDPA’s Trust Platform which includes Education & Training Courses, Privacy Compliance Management Software, plus support for as little as $440 p/a.

De-risk your business, stay competitive, build trust in your brand, avoid costly disruptions and mitigate civil and criminal penalties.

Data Breaches can cost millions and be terminal to your business. Your Insurer, Supervisory Authorities and Auditors will require you to demonstrate evidence that you have taken appropriate steps to mitigate breaches and comply with privacy regulations and that you have adequate systems in place to address ongoing data and privacy regulatory obligations.

Designed by data protection and privacy experts, GDPA’s Trust platform is your ideal management system containing all the information, software, training, support and tools necessary to address the most comprehensive review or audit. With GDPA’s Trust Platform you’ll be able to demonstrate evidence of compliance and professionally showcase best practice.

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Log, Track and Manage
☑ Privacy Requests.
☑ Consent Forms.
☑ Privacy Policies.
☑ Data Breaches.
☑ Privacy Plans.
☑ Audits (50+ Audits Available + More Added Monthly).
☑ Security Assessments.
☑ Third Party Agreements and Notices.
☑ Training Requirements.
☑ Cookies Management.
☑ 24 Hour Live Monitoring.
and much more.
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3 Minute Registration
Registration is simple and takes under 3 minutes regardless of the number of people and physical locations. Once registered go to the “how to centre” where you’ll find short 2-minute video tutorials on how to demonstrate compliance.
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Short Videos on How To...
☑ Use the Software and manage members.
☑ Access the Education and Training Courses
☑ Create and amend policies and notices.
☑ Log and manage a data breach.
☑ Log and manage privacy requests.
☑ Conduct and manage Audits.
☑ Manage consent forms.
☑ Manage your privacy plan.
☑ Request GDPA’s support services.
☑ Access the comprehensive Knowledge Bank.
☑ Monitor compliance in Real Time.
and much more
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Demonstrate Compliance in under 5 minutes
Keep your focus on your business, you have enough on your plate.

Get started now, our people are ready to help you on your best practice data protection and privacy compliance journey.

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