1: Enter the email where your payment will be linked to.

2: Select if you wish to be notified on each new referral.

3: Instead of using your Username, enter your own custom link code (slug). You can choose between an alphanumeric (letters and numbers) or alphabetic code (letters only). Note: Custom codes can be all lowercase, all uppercase, or sentence case (a mix of both lowercase and uppercase) letters. The maximum length is 60 characters as per code.

Partner referral URLs can include a campaign parameter to help you track and monitor the performance of your partner links.

You can name your campaigns when generating a partner referral link, or manually append a campaign name to a partner referral link. When using the generator, the campaign name will be automatically appended to your partner referral link. Here are a couple of examples of what the referral partner referral link looks like with a campaign parameter added:

You may wish to use campaigns to place specific partner links in specific marketing channels – such as in an email, on a particular social media platform, or on your own website or social media pages.

The campaigns created by you are visible in the Statistics tab when you are logged in. This tab also shows the following campaign data:

  • The number of visits through a specific campaign referral link.
  • How many unique referral links have been used for that campaign.
  • Whether the conversion was successful (a referral was generated).
  • And what the conversion rate is for that particular campaign.

Some examples of campaign names you might use are: “Winter Email”, “Twitter January”, “Facebook Compliance”, “Summer Promo”, and so on. This could be aligned with the marketing material we provide you with, or a sale or promotion you have scheduled.

A shorter, simpler campaign name usually works best. Think of it like a coupon code – a campaign name between 15 and 25 characters can effectively describe a date, product, and channel for where a specific campaign link is being shared.

Additionally, some social media channels have a limited amount of characters available. The more characters you use in your partner referral link, the less space you have to market our platform and services.

Using this campaign parameter will allow you to identify where you should focus your marketing efforts for maximum sales and referrals.

This section provides a quick visual indicator for different referral statuses, without needing to use several separate graphs, so you can easily get an immediate snapshot of comparative data.

GDPA’s referral program rewards you for sharing our links over your social networks and e-mails. A typical referral scenario is where three of your friends sign up to our platform via your referral links.

Any partner payment is generated within our platform where it is logged and shown on this screen and where you can view information about each payout made to you by GDPA.

Any shipping costs and applicable taxes are excluded from payout calculations.

GDPA uses cookies to track visits derived from partners generated referral links.

When a customer clicks on an partner’s referral link, and these cookies are successfully generated, a visit will appear in Partners Visits screen. The cookies will then remain in the browser throughout the purchase or conversion process to track the correct partner so a referral can be generated for that partner.

The cookies will also remain in the customer’s browser for a period of time or until the customer clears their cookies. The default cookie expiration is 7 days.

Creatives are pre-made banners and assets that Partners can use to easily promote GDPA.

Instead of requiring you to create your own banner images or partner URLs, we make it easy for you by setting up a list of pre-made banner images of various sizes, or text links, that they can simply add to their own websites or email newsletters.