Data Privacy Regulations require you to demonstrate legitimate interest in how you handle personal data. This audit is designed to make it quick and efficient, without having to spend hours by simply recording the base project parameters and then linking it to the applicable PROJECT COMPLIANCE audit.

When you use personal data for a new project or task, for example;

  1. Social Media Campaigns,
  2. Sales and/or Promotions,
  3. Sharing with 3rd Parties,
  4. Request by 3rd Parties,


  1. Company Platforms/Vehicles/Devices,
  2. Personal Platforms/Vehicles/Devices,

both in digital or physical format, irrelevant if you are performing the task from within your place of employment or not (eg: home, in the field etc…), you will record it in this audit.

The reason being, with the plethora of tasks you perform in your day to day activities, it will be near impossible to demonstrate compliance should;

  1. a breach is found in your project/task and/or
  2. a breach is brought forward by a data subject or third party.